2019 Season Kick0ff

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer so far and had a great 4th. We have two more summer practices on Tuesday the 23rd and 30th of July.
The official start date is August 12th and that week we will practice Monday-Wednesday. The following week we will begin our Monday-Thursday for the season. Again this will all be on the web page under “Calendar”, so check there for the full season practice scheduled.    
Our first race is on August 25th, so that leaves only two weeks after we start practice. That means for the rest of the summer, try to ride 3-4 times a week for 1.5-2 hours at a time. This will ensure that you come into the season with some fitness. Don’t worry about riding hard, just ride and have fun! 
With that, before the season starts there are three essential items that need to be completed.

1. Register on PitZone – a large number of you have done that, so thanks. As long as you see “Practice Ready” checked off you’re good to go. 

2. Get an updated physical – if you don’t have this, you can’t practice. 

3. Arbiter – I know this might be a scary word, but it makes the paperwork easier. I have attached a guide for those of you who have never been on there. Under the “Sports Interest” section, just leave it blank as MT Biking will not be on there. This could be a learning curve, so be patient and let me know what questions you have. You will upload your physical on here as well.   

Sorry for the lengthy email and as always to hesitate to reach out with questions. Call, text to 970-986-9206 and my personal email is bryan.dillon@westernalum.org
Bryan Dillon