2020 Season Challenges

Ride Challenges

Challenge #1: “Let’s Go Places” – Rack up the Rides: August 24th – 30th
Challenge #2: “Let’s Go Places” – Mountain Goat Madness: September 7th – 13th
Challenge #3: “Let’s Go Places” – Massive Mileage: September 21st – 27th
Challenge #4: “Let’s Go Places” – Short Course Sensation: October 4th – 11th
Challenge #5: “Let’s Go Places” – Hill Climb Time Trial – Details TBD

Individual riders will be ranked and earn points by category and Region.

Teams will be scored based on the points earned by team members for Challenges #1-4.

Teams will be scored by team division size and region. Individual and Team points for challenges #1 – 4 will accumulate throughout the season.

Challenge #5 will rank individual riders within each geographic subregion. No team scoring for this challenge.


Individual Awards

Yeti Skills Challenge Weeks: #1 – #4
Awarded to One Female and Male per Conference: North and South. See below for specific details.

Toyota Slingshot Award: Ride Challenge Weeks #2 – #4
Awarded to One Female and Male per Region.

Legacy Rider Eligibility:
Current Eligible Legacy Riders must compete 1 of the 5 Challenges to be considered a 2020 Legacy Rider.

Future Eligible Legacy Riders must complete 1 of the 5 Challenges in 2020 to be considered a Legacy Rider in 2021, 2022, & 2023.

Refer to 2020 Rulebook – Chapter 8 Team & Individual Scoring Rules
Refer to 2020 Rulebook – Appendix H for Individual points by rank.